yCopp supports all releases on the adidas online shop and on YeezySupply:

  • normal releases
  • splash page releases
  • web confirmed releases


30 different adidas sites are supported:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Finland

The Splash Page Bruteforcer allows you to multiply your odds to get through the splash page on yeezy releases. Simply add some proxies to your brute forcer (or just use your local IP) and the bot will wait on the splash page with multiple browser instances at the same time. Once a task gets through splash, the bot will extract the information from this task, allowing you to add an unlimited amount of yeezys to cart for the next 10 minutes.

yCopp Confirmed is the first and only bot for the Adidas Web Confirmed release system. It is fully integrated in the yCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot and supports an unlimited amount of adidas accounts.

yCopp gives you many different ways to harvest captchas for your tasks:

  • 2Captcha and Anti-Captcha API integration
  • Manual Harvesting in browser
  • Mobile harvesting in the yCopp companion app (you can harvest on multiple smarthpones at the same time – the captchas will be automatically transferred to your bot)

You can use all these features together at the same time, resulting in tons of captchas. The bot manages all the tokens for you. It removes expired tokens and it always uses the next-expiring token for the task.

yCopp is one of the few bots which comes with a mobile companion app.

The app can be used to solve captchas on your smartphone and to transfer carts from your bot to your smartphone, so you can checkout the cart on your phone. You can share your activation code with friends so they can help you to solve captchas on a release. The captchas are transferred to your bot automatically.

You can download the companion app from Play store: Click here

yCopp supports Credit Card, PayPal and Klarna auto checkout. Simply setup your checkout profiles and yCopp will automatically do the checkout for you.

The yCarts cart selling platform is fully integrated into yCopp. You can post carts for sale with just one click. Lots of users manage to recoup their investment with just one release by selling their carts on yCarts.

You can find more information on yCarts by clicking here.

yCopp has lots of useful tools and features, e.g:

  • task scheduler
  • stock checker
  • splash monitor
  • sitekey retrieval from the adidas page
  • sitekey retrieval from the yCopp servers
  • adidas account generator
  • adidas account login
  • discord webhooks
  • full proxy support
  • lots of other features like set custom cookies, custom user-agent, custom cookie preload link and many more